Dr. John Davis

Dr. John Davis has been a passionate Chiropractic practitioner in Colorado Springs since 2005. He was introduced to chiropractic care after sustaining an injury during his college football career. That experience was such an impactful one in his life, that he decided it was his own calling. After completing his education at Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City, MO among the top in his class, he and his wife relocated to Colorado Springs, where he partnered with an existing practice.

Dr. Davis has a passion for natural healthcare and helping others throughout our community. Many people think of Chiropractic care as solely a functional medical need, to fix an ache or pain. However, it’s when Chiropractic care is looked upon and utilized as a form of wellness care that lives are truly changed. His belief and understanding that our body has an innate intelligence and was designed to heal itself has laid the foundation for care of thousands of people throughout his career; from librarian to Navy Seal, from mom of 3 littles, to Olympic athlete, he has enhanced many lives and is so incredibly honored to be able to do so.

Another area of expertise and valuable experience for Dr. Davis is within our Obstetric and Pediatric population. Having received extensive education from a highly regarded Obstetric and Pediatric Physician while in D.C. school, he became very passionate about this realm of Chiropractic care. After further education, and his own wife’s first pregnancy and childbirth in 2007, he quickly became a huge resource within our birthing community. He has worked closely with many of the Certified Professional Midwives, Doulas, and Obstetricians locally. He has gained training in several prenatal techniques and has successfully “turned” hundreds of babies and prevented unnecessary Cesarean sections for mothers. He has been called in to assist at many births, home and hospital, utilizing special techniques to restart “stalled” labor, to facilitate baby to engage in optimal birth positioning, and to help to decrease the discomforts of childbirth; and he greatly enjoys the care he provides to the newborn baby he helped have a more gentle and comfortable entrance into this world.

After many years in practice with other physicians, and focusing on many different aspects of healthcare, he and his wife opened their own Family Practice clinic in 2018. This has always been their dream, first and foremost, to provide WHOLE care for the WHOLE family.

Dr Davis and his wife, Jamie, have 4 children who are HomeSchooled on their farm here in the Springs. They have a very active lifestyle, enjoying traveling, skiing, horseback riding, backpacking, and tending to their menagerie of farm animals together!

Dr. Theresa Lucito Wow Family Chiropractic

Dr. Theresa Lucito

Dr. Theresa Lucito comes to us from Minnesota and the Land of 10,000 Lakes. She and her family moved here last summer and are happily exploring everything Colorado has to offer.

Dr. Theresa earned her bachelor’s degree from Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa and went on to achieve her Doctorate of Chiropractic from Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, MN in 2008. For the past 7 years she has been a professional “substitute” chiropractor, working in a variety of clinics to help other Chiropractors go on maternity leave, take vacations and even go through surgical procedures. During that time she worked with a diverse group of people and is looking forward to using all of that experience with the patients here at WOW.

Dr. Theresa loves to be active, participating in triathlons and half marathons in the past and can’t wait for winter to end so she and her family can continue to explore Colorado and all of the outdoor adventures it holds.

Her family includes her husband of 10 years, Dustin along with their 7 year old daughter Adelaide and 12 year old dog named Mya. In their spare time you’ll find them out on their bikes, finding new hiking trails and testing out every ice cream shop in the area!

Leah Apineru WOW Family Chiropractic


Leah Apineru’s bright spirit and administrative savvy makes her the perfect fit on our team as Office Manager. She cares deeply for people and does whatever is within her power to meet their needs. Her heart for serving others has run through her adult life in roles ranging from customer service and retail management to work in the mission field (YWAM) and Christian book publishing. A successful entrepreneur, Leah supported the work of professional authors for almost a decade and had a business in the wellness industry for many years.

A true Western girl, Leah was born into a military family in Alaska and raised in California, where she graduated from Westmont College with a BA in sociology. After graduating, she became a world traveler, visiting more than 25 countries before settling down with her husband and daughter. Colorado Springs has been her home since 2001.

Leah became a patient of Dr. Davis when she was pregnant in 2009. She went through Spinal Decompression in 2013, and returned with her family in 2018 when WoW was launched. When the Davises invited her to join the team, she said, “Saying yes felt like coming home.”

Jenn WOW Family Chiropractic


Jenn has worked as a Chiropractic Assistant at Wow, which means she fulfills several different roles. Jenn has years of experience juggling different tasks as a mom of four. So she can schedule you an appointment or make a grilled cheese in record time!

Since she was little, she has been intrigued by our bodies and how they work. She loves reading medical articles in her free time, so you can imagine how working here fulfills one of her lifelong passions. She has been a patient of Dr. Davis for ten years and without his and Dr. Theresa’s skills, her health and life would look very different. Being free of chronic pain has allowed her to invest in her passions and live her life instead of enduring it.

What are those passions? I’m glad you asked! She is an experienced wedding and family photographer. Capturing both life’s exciting and ordinary moments from different angles allows her to serve others by showing them the intimate moments of their lives we so often miss without someone helping us find them. Jenn has also been playing piano for 35 years, and she deeply enjoys expressing life’s greatest joys and sorrows through music.

Jenn loves food and one day plans to travel in search of the perfect taco. In the meantime, she enjoys all the different cultural foods offered locally. It is a privilege to serve you as you seek to improve your quality of life through health. Please make her day by saying “hi” as you walk by, and do let her know if you’ve discovered the perfect taco.